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Constable T. Bear Shrine of Remembrance Guard

I thought today would be quite an appropriate day to showcase one of the latest additions to Policeman’s Way.

For several years I have been purchasing the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation limited edition Constable T. Bear. This year I received the Protective Service Officer-Shrine Guard Constable T. Bear.

Since 1935 the Shrine Guards have carried the responsibility of guarding the Shrine of Remembrance on behalf of Victorians. When the Shrine was opened on 11th November 1934 Chief Commissioner of Police, Thomas Blamey, appointed a select group of men to look after this site. Twelve highly decorated veterans of the First World War were selected for this honour. Lieutenant George Ingram, winner of the Victoria Cross, was the most highly decorated member and became the unofficial leader of Shrine Guards.

For the past 80 years the Shrine Guards have proudly worn the uniform of the Light Horse Infantry, modified to display badges and Insignia of Victoria Police.

The security and ceremonial roles of the Shrine Guards has largely remained unchanged since 1935. Although the proviso that Shrine Guards should be recruited from those who have seen active service was removed in 1970, they remain a highly trained and skilled team who are committed to their duties.

Today recruitment of Shrine Guards are men and women drawn from Victoria Police Protective Services Unit, trained in military drill to complement their skills and equipment for their dual role.

2014-2018 marks the 100th Anniversary of World War I. Lest we forget.

The 15th Edition of Constable T. Bear has been commissioned by the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation and is a limited edition product. Constable T. Bears are highly collectable and carry a numbered tag to verify their authenticity. The Bear in my collection bears tag number 5656.

Included in my collection of Police memorabilia and collectables are 58 bears both in hard and soft forms from many countries around the world depicted in Police uniforms. My collection of Constable T. Bear from Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation numbers 6 in total from the 15 made available over the past 15 years.

Hopefully I can continue to grow my collection in the future.



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