Visit by the Daimler and Lanchester Owners Club

On the 11th August we were lucky enough to host members of the Daimler and Lanchester Owners Club at Policeman’s Way. We had some very fancy cars parked up in the paddock, including a Tesla, Rolls Royce, and Daimlers.

Needless to say, the inner mechanic in me was feeling very envious. Perhaps it’s time to extend the collection to include full-size automobiles? Better check with Peta…




100 Years of Women in WA Police

This morning I had the honour of receiving an official 100 Years of Women in WA Police commemorative pin from Donnybrook Police.

This is a great addition to the collection. As a serving police officer I knew how hard my female colleagues worked to serve their community. And how challenging it could be working in a male dominated environment. Really pleased that I can include this pin in the collection as recognition of all of the women who have made such a significant contribution to WA Police, both past and present.

Acknowledging 100 years of women in policing this year is a fantastic initiative, and something everyone should get behind.

See more here:


The littlest visitor

This past week we have been playing host to our youngest granddaughter, and she was able to visit Policeman’s Way for the very first time.

At first she was a little distracted by the flickering light from the whirlybird on the shed roof, but once she was able to get her hands on some of the less fragile items in the collection she became a lot more interested. The hats, teddy bears and model cars were clear favourites.

While she moves quickly, we were able to take a couple of happy snaps of her first visit. Fortunately we missed the battle at the end to rescue the cars and bears from becoming part of her collection.

Goes to show there is something at Policeman’s Way for visitors of all ages.



Some months ago I was interviewed on the phone by Bill ‘Swampy’ Marsh, a fairly well known author of Australian yarns. He told me he was compiling a book on outback policemen.

I related some of my experiences while at Gascoyne Junction in the late 70s and, to be honest, hadn’t thought much more about it.

PW_66Fast forward a few months and a copy of the book Great Australian Outback Police Stories arrived in the mail. And it turns out my interview has been turned into a chapter, affectionately titled ‘Policeman-the-bastard’.

It’s a great book with some fascinating tales of working as a copper in the bush. I could really relate to some of the experiences of the other contributors and it brings back some very fond memories of my time in regional WA.

I strongly encourage you to check it out – it’s available online and in all good book stores. And of course there is a copy taking pride of place in Policeman’s Way.

Feel free to drop by and have a read over a cuppa. You might just have to listen to some of the stories that didn’t make it into the book.



Sign from the old Cottesloe Police Station

Several years ago the old Cottesloe Police Station was being renovated. The builders took the cast alloy sign off the wall and threw it into the skip bin with all the other rubbish. Luckily the Officer in Charge at the time saw this take place, retrieved the sign and took it for safe keeping. He recently paid a visit to Policeman’s Way and became aware of the valuable items held in the collection so he donated the sign to add to the collection.

Sign from the old Cottesloe Police Station

Sign from the old Cottesloe Police Station

It is a great piece of history and has now been attached to the wall of the display. Another great addition to Policeman’s Way.


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